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Dead Man's Rule

Dead Man's Rule
by Rick Acker
Published by Kregel Publications, 2005
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Highly Recommended by: Jill Elizabeth Nelson
[Dead Man's Rule]

Book Rating
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Total Votes: 1 person
Average Rating: 3.00 (Highly Recommended)
Score: 0.30 (Reviewed)

Sharp young lawyer Ben Corbin takes on an apparently minor case to recover the contents of a safe-deposit box for an eccentric scientist, Dr. Mikhail Ivanovsky. Ben suspects his client is keeping secrets. Then the opposing party suddenly dies, and the Dead Man's Rule bars Ivanovsky from testifying on his own behalf, since the seller can no longer rebut the claim.

Standing on the razor's edge of losing the case, Ivanovsky reveals to Ben the horrifying truth about the box's contents. Now Ben must win this impossible case, or the world will pay an unthinkable price for his failure. It will take divine intervention not only to win the legal battle but to stay alive long enough to do it.

Acker whips up a winner with appealing characters and a plot wound as tight as a ticking bomb. The high stakes strike to the heart of today's fears of terrorism. Action in and out of the courtroom tops off this gripping read. – adapted from Romantic Times review by Jill Elizabeth Nelson (January, 2007)


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